Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System

Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System for Mobile and Desktop Applications

How to Test

It is assumed you have registered, added Product Definition(s), added Product Instance(s), and added the code needed to your application to at least do one of: fetch, verify, and/or getLicInfo.

The site provides you with simulators for the communications your phone needs to make with licmax™. For example, the site provides interfaces/simulators for verifying and fetching a license key and getLicInfo. Use these simulators first (as smoke-testing) then test your code directly. Each interface requires certain values that you must provide. All require the PIN (device ID, IMEI, etc.) and Product Definition Key.

For the device ID you want to use that of the device your program is being tested on. The Product Definition Key is provided by the site at manageProdDefs.html. Each row represents one Product Definition. The Key is in a cell in the row. Each of the communications the device makes with licmax™ requires the Product Definition Key. Treat this key as the secret key for your product.

General Steps
  1. Acquire a license key for the Product Instance under testing. Go to /licenses.html tab. There you'd see (towards the bottom of the page) the set of supported online app stores with each having a list of the products you configured. (Remember that when you configure a Product Instance, you have to specify the app store it belongs to). Chose the product you want to test license activity for and click on the "Acquire" button. The system will present you with a form. Fill in the fields and submit. Foe device ID, make sure you use that of the device you want to test your program on. The IDE simulator has its own device ID just like a real phone device. Each online app store has its own form and set of fields. The form mimics the HTTP request the online app store sends to licmax to get a license key at point-of sale.
  2. Since now you have the license key, you can do a quick smoke-test of the action using the corresponding simulator/interface provided by the system. The following simulators are provided: Fetch License Key, Verify License Key, Get License Info.
  3. Copy the Product Definition and the acquired license keys to the appropriate places in your code where you decided to check for the license validity. Run your application either on the IDE simulator or the device itself. If your program issues the Fetch License Key request to licmax™, then there is no need to copy the license key over since it will be obtained programmatically.