Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System

Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System for Mobile and Desktop Applications

The World of Piracy

l i c m a x ™   is a leader in combating mobile app piracy. Our exclusive Licensing technology offers a wide variety of algorithms for generating license keys that are virtually impossible to crack. This ensures that our customers receive the strongest protection possible. If your app is popular, you can be certain there will be attempts to crack whatever copy-protection mechanism you use. With licmax™, the vast majority of these attempts end up unsuccessful.

A word on piracy

Most copy-protection solutions and mechanisms currently used in the market suffer from one weakness - you need to crack the solution only once to crack all apps using it. With licmax™ on the other hand, pirates would have to spend an enormous amount of effort to crack each and every app. If they crack one app by chance, the next app they go after would still require another amount of effort.

licmax™ generates keys using industry standard one-way hash algorithms that are virtually impossible to crack. These standards are published and maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They are widely used as the de facto standard for securing and protecting highly sensitive data within the software industry. By virtue of the nature of the licmax™'s licensing model (being server based), along with the way the keys are generated and the strategies it advises app developers on how, when and where to verify license keys, pirates would find it a frustrating and fruitless task to crack an app.

It is our goal to see pirates find cracking apps that use licmax™ a fruitless effort. Actually, licmax™ works closely with engineers across the world to find vulnerabilities in its solution and the techniques it advises its customer developers to employ. We frequently sponsor application cracking tournaments among engineers across the world. Their findings eventually help us help you develop better protected apps.

A view of piracy