Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System

Automated License Generator, Manager and Verifier System for Mobile and Desktop Applications

Decommission/Recommission License Key

Decommission an active license key. You usually would want to do this if, for example, your customer decided to return your application and no longer use it. If you decommission the license key assigned to that purchase, the application instance on the customer's device would no longer run. When that instance would verify the license key validity, licmax™ would send back a "Not Authorized" response. Decommissioned licenses are maintained by the system and are available for reference. Decommissioned Licenses could be made active again. Once decommissioned, license verification on it would produce a "Not Authorized" response. If recommissioned again, then license verification would produce normal response.

Decommission license key
* = required input
Decommission license key
* License key   * Reason